Over at Groupon they have a an awesome deal going on for any of you golf fans or any of you who have dads and husbands who might be a golf fan! My husband isn’t an avid golfer, but he does enjoy going every now and then! He has done this indoor golf a few times, but never done the entire hour because… well, I’m cheap…. $25 for an hour seems steep, BUT $5 sounds GREAT! He always talks about how much he likes this simulator, and I was so excited to see it come up on Groupon today! I may or may not have snagged enough of these to nearly complete all my Father’s Day shopping! (Since my step-dad, and father in law like golf too.)

This Groupon has TWO options:

For an hour of simulated golf at Tee’s Golf Grill in Chesterfield,MO. on Monday-Thursday it is $5!

For an hour of simulated golf at Tee’s Golf Grill in Chesterfield, MO. on Friday-Sunday it is $20!

It is normally $25 for the hour, so you could still save $5 if you went with the weekend one! I decided to go with the one during the week since it saved me $60 because I wanted to purchase 3, so all the guys could go together!

You will have to call and make a reservation for the day you want to use this (just like you would if you were going t golf somewhere).

If you are unsure what GROUPON is:

Basically it is a GROUP COUPON. A company will offer a large discount if a certain amount of people pre-buy the deal! For instance, this deal for Tee’s Golf Grill had to sell to at least 50 people otherwise they would not have gone ahead with the deal. (Just so you know that 50 people mark was met at 6:26AM, so the deal is definitely a go!) The GROUPON / COUPON can be printed and used within minutes and used after 24 hours. To get the deal you bought make sure you print the GROUPON once you get it, and bring it with you when you intend to use it! (If you lose it, or do not want to print it right away it that’s okay too. You can always log into GROUPON and reprint it or print it at any time, but you only be able to use it once!) Most GROUPONS have an expiration date. (This one expires September 30, 2011 – so plenty of time for a Father’s Day gift!!)


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