I am always looking for ways to cut down on our grocery bill because that is where it is the HARDEST to save. Toiletries and things like that are very easy once you start couponing you will notice that right away! However, things like fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, and other things that are very necessary can be pretty expensive and there is rarely if ever a coupon for these types of items! I found this CO-OP not too long ago, and I have been telling people about it off and on. Some people REALLY like it, and some think it’s OK. I REALLY like it!

I like it because:

  • It supports our local farmers in the St. Louis Greater Area
  • I love surprises!
  • It’s a great way to get a variety and try new things
  • My mom splits it with me
  • It’s always VERY fresh!
  • It’s a cheap way to get a variety of fruits and vegetables

If you are interested this is basically how the program works:

What you do is go to Community Helping Produce to register, then you will click on the left side bar to choose your location!  To order the basket you would click on the $23 basket for your location! Once you have clicked on this it should bring up an option to buy, and tell you what day pick up is on for that specific place.  For any questions or concerns you can email :  or  (I have contacted Tracy, and her response was quick and she was very helpful!).

You will not know what exactly is coming in your basket, however, I have been VERY happy with my baskets!! Plus, as mentioned above, I LOVE SURPRISES!

Basket pick up is every other week, and what day you pick up depends on what location you wish to pick up at! So Wednesday (April 20) was pick up day for me, and my next pick up will not be until May 4!   Orders need to be placed between Wednesday and Friday of the week prior to the pick up week, which means you would start placing your order next Wednesday.

You can add any extras you want, but there will be a charge for whatever you want to add in addition to the $23 for the large basket!

They accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal!  I really like that they take Paypal because most of my survey sites pay via paypal, so I can use that money to buy my produce! (I have a page coming soon about Earning Money Online, and hopefully then you guys can do the same thing!)

Another thing I really like about this CO-OP is that there is NO obligation. If you want to order every two weeks you can, or if you want to order once a month, or just once you can! It’s on your terms!

**After you’ve placed your order, then on the Pick Up Day, you just head over to pick it up at your designated location between the required pick up times.  If you do not pick up your order in time, your basket will be donated!


  • Junction City, IL
  • Cedar Hill
  • St. Peter’s Produce Co-Op
  • Ballwin
  • Barrett Grove Subdivision
  • Cottleville
  • East Alton, IL
  • Fairview Heights Parks & Rec
  • Festus
  • Herculaneum
  • Holly Hills- South St. Louis
  • House Springs
  • Imperial
  • Lafayette Park
  • Lebanon, IL
  • Lake St Louis
  • Manchester
  • Maryland Heights
  • Maryville, IL
  • Mascoutah, IL
  • O Fallon, MO (OFF BRYAN RD.)
  • Oakville
  • O Fallon, IL
  • Pacific, MO
  • Shiloh, IL
  • South County- Hancock Middle
  • St Charles
  • Twin Chimneys – O Fallon, MO
  • Waterloo, IL
  • Wentzville
  • Troy,IL
  • Harmony Emge 175 Belleville

* It says Edwardsville, IL is coming soon

image credit : community helping coop


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