This should be proclaimed a national holiday!! Okay well maybe not, but I definitely love the start of garage sale season! Oh yes, garage sales have a season! Some garage sales have already started this morning, but tonight “after work” hours is when more people start opening up, and then FIRST THING tomorrow morning is when EVERYONE will be open!!

Just so that the locals know:

We find it best to hit a subdivision at a time! (When I say “we” I am referring to my MIL & my husband’s aunt because we always go together every year!!)

Good Subdivisions to hit are

  • Bear Creek
  • All of Peine
  • Stone Meadows

If you are only looking for something in particular you can check out Craigslist to see if any of the sales will have it. I usually just like to hit as many sales as I can especially this year because my oldest needs clothes.(I didn’t hit too many good sales last year for 3T clothes!)

My list of prices for how I typically shop at garage sales:

(this is how I shop sales and it may not be for everyone & I do this because typically I can get really good deals on (new) clothes and shoes if I hit some out of season sales or pick up home decor at my favorite resale shops)

  • kid’s clothes: $1.00 is usually the most I will pay for an item (and it must be near perfect) usually I try to find items $.25-$.50
  • clothes for adults: $2.00 (must be near perfect)
  • shoes: $.50-1.00 is the highest I usually like to pay
  • home decor: varies depending on the item, but usually no more than $5

**I usually save up all our change for 6 months (because city wide sales are every 6 months), and I use it to make most of my purchases, and then I bring some extra cash in case there is a big item I have been looking for! Everything in my house that is decor or furniture is a resale or garage sale item with the exception of my sofa table and a few things that have been given to me by my grandmother, and I always get compliments on my decor! Plus, garage sales are fun because I love a deal whether it’s couponing for one or hunting one down!!



  1. Amanda Gerber says:

    are you coming out this way tomorrow?? maybe we can go together

  2. Girl, you are soo funny! I used to like the city wide garage sale until it became such a mess. Too many people on the streets driving like idiots to get to the next sale. UGH! I actually love to garage sale but their should be an etiquette book to go along with it.

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