Eversave has a HOT deal on the Disney Family Fun magazine. I love this magazine! I use it all the time to come up with crafts or recipes to do with my 2 year old!! They have lots of fun and creative ideas!

Get a one year subscription for $5 or a two year subscription for $10 – half off the cover price. Also, if you are making a new Eversave account, you’ll receive a $4 credit to use on your purchase, so you’ll only pay $1 for a year subscription or $6 for a two year subscription. This deal is valid for new subscriptions only.

If you want in on this deal, simply head over to Eversave and make an account. This deal will either be the main feature or in the “Bonus Saves” sidebar. Click the “Buy now” button and pay $1 (or $6) for your subscription. Your voucher code will instantly be ready!

If you aren’t interested in this deal, I would still suggest signing up to receive a $4 credit. It’s usually only $2, and it will drop back down this Monday.

Also, you can buy this as a GIFT, so if you know any MOMS that would be interested it would make for a VERY cheap and fun gift!


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