First of all… Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers out there! I hope all of you had as wonderful a day as I did!

Secondly….  I don’t think I have got a chance to tell everyone about my klutzy story, but since my house is completely silent (my kids are both in bed, and husband is back on the road) you guys get to hear about how I managed to fall and possibly fracture my elbow!

I think klutziness is just something I was born with … I have been walking into things and tripping over my own feet since I can remember! I have broken, fractured, or sprained just about all the bones you possibly can! Okay, so maybe not ALL, but it sure feels like it!

Anyway…. on to my story! I went outside to check the mail, and the feed the dog at nap time as I usually always do… (because I just love checking my mail for freebies!) I retrieved mail, and pet the dog for a minute….. proceeded up one step when I decided I had better put the dog in because she tends to bark at the kids when they get off the bus…. I stepped ONE step down and my ankle just gave out on me causing me to fall towards the ground in which case like any normal person I tried to stop myself from falling by catching my fall, and my arm then twisted, gave up, or just decided it would be funnier if I fell on my butt…. and so I did…. landed on my butt I did!

I could barely make it back inside because my ankle hurt pretty bad at first, and then I tried to move my arm…. and couldn’t! At first I thought, “oh I’ll just tough this out”, and after not being able to pick up anything with my right arm or move anything to do with my elbow I decided this was NOT an option, or I was not tough enough! I told my husband (who was headed to Texas) that I had to go to the doctor or do something to fix this problem. (He is so wonderful he came home and took care of me this week by the way….yes, he’s perfect!)

BUT, I say I POSSIBLY fractured my elbow because after they x-rayed my arm they told me that the type of fracture they think I might or might not have doesn’t always show up on an x-ray for as long as 2 weeks! Oh goodness…. so I am in a sling (or suppose to be because I cannot hardly stand to wear it), and a ace wrap until early this week, at least, and if it doesn’t start feeling better then I will have to go see an Orthopedic doctor, and get a full cast!

ANYWAY, back to my perfect husband! (perfect enough for me anyway) This morning he let me sleep in, made me breakfast, and watched the girls while I shopped with my Mom and older sister! We had a great time shopping…even though I did totally forget to grab my FREE travel size coupon from Bath & Body Works! I hope some of you snagged it this weekend! (If not it’s valid until May 18!)

I may have forgot that, but that doesn’t stop me from hunting down a good deal! I didn’t buy much today, but I have just as much fun looking as I do buying sometimes!

We headed into Old Navy today, and of course I made a bee line for the kids section, and the CLEARANCE kids section … surprise surprise right?

  • First, I found out Old Navy’s Clearance clothing is ALL BUY 1 GET 1 FREE ( I am not sure when this began or when it ends)

**Then I found these:

Aren’t they adorable!!!

Priced at:

So, for two matching swimsuits it was ONLY $4.49 or $2.24 EACH!!

I was pretty excited!!

  • Then, as I was checking out I ran across this:

The paper doesn’t say when this ends or begins, but it says that military family members qualify too! Cannot be combined with other offers!

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