Going on vacation or just need something to occupy the kids for a drive?!

I would snuggest keeping these Road Trip Bingo sheets  in the glove box for those rough long drives! I can’t wait until my girls are old enough, but since they aren’t I have a great gift idea!! (courtesy of Homemaking Expert)

I am going to print and laminate these to give to my husband’s little cousins for Christmas! (with my laminator my dad bought me for Christmas a few years ago!… also, I know the Teacher Supply store laminates stuff in O’Fallon, Wal-mart sells the single sheets fairly cheap, and some office stores do laminating too)

**I think using a dry erase marker would be the easiest way to mark these, so I will pick up some little markers for them too…. currently there is a $2/1 Any Expo Washable markers coupon too, so hopefully that will make for a great deal!

I think they will love them!

I found these over on Home Making Expert’s website! She has 6 different cards you can print!

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