Sync your files

Change files on one computer and automatically see the changes on another. You’ll have all your stuff no matter which computer you’re using.

Automatic backup

For complete peace of mind – Trend Micro SafeSync automatically backs up your files to the Trend Micro SafeSync Website.

Offline access

With Trend Micro SafeSync, you can access and edit your online files even when you are not connected.

Share files in a instant

Easily share large files directly from your desktop.

SafeSync Mobile Apps

Mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS let you access and share all your music, videos, pictures and documents that you have protected using SafeSync.

SafeSync app features:

  • Access all your files secured on SafeSync
  • Watch all your videos
  • Listen to all your music
  • Directly upload photos and videos
  • Even works offline
I have only dabbled in this new program a little bit so far, but I think it will be a great place to store my photos. I tend to take pictures of every little thing my girls do, and I also tend to believe that those photos are invaluable, and if they were lost or deleted I would be devastated! (especially if they are ones I have not got to print yet!) I cannot wait to get ALL my digital photos moved over to this program because currently I use an online program that I have to be online to access, and I cannot sync it with all my devices like my phone and so on! If you guys would be interested in using this same type of program to keep your photos, songs, or files safe you can head over here to download it, and use code BZZ20 to score 50% off!
Like I said, there are FREE programs available online, but I think that this one goes above and beyond with offline capabilities, and syncing to different devices! 🙂
**I’m a BzzAgent and I received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent for my review of this product. However, all the opinions in this blog are my own!

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