Okay guys I am out growing my little blog site, so I am trying to move everything to a .com site… please excuse the appearance of my blog for a few days… on this site you should be able to see all my old posts still, but I will be posting ALL NEW POSTS on the new site (…

I will be posting just as often and about everything I normally do ..

I will also be adding a section of my blog that will be more of a personal blog and more about my “toddler school lesson plans” and frugal diy projects…

I am in the process of moving all my posts from atwfrugallife to, so you may not see all my posts right away on the new site (which is why my old site will still be available)…

And tonight I will have up the Walgreens and Target match ups on the new site(… for now I will still link to this facebook, but eventually it will be moved too if you want to start following me on it the new link is here… sorry for the inconvenience,but I did not expect it to grow as quickly as it has! Thanks for all your support!

Just excuse my blog appearance until I really get moving on


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