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Just a rainy stay in your pajamas kind of day at our house today.

I thought I would get some stuff out for Brooklyn since we are still working on colors (because she likes to call everything pink sometimes), shapes, counting, and sorting/matching. I had some foam beads that are way to small for Brooklyn to string (I can barely string them…plus I don’t think I have anything small enough to string them on), so I decided we would do some sorting activities today.

(I bought these a few years back for my pre-k class as an after school activity at the dollar store!)

** Please excuse my photos if they are poor in quality I was using my cell phone because my regular camera won’t upload on to my computer right now!

We started out sorting each shape into a muffin pan.

The bucket contains stars, circles, squares, and hearts. You could use pasta, small toys, beans (lima, etc) to do sorting like this. (I promise her table is clean those are just scratches … it looks terrible in this picture LOL)

My youngest has a hard time with not being able to play with her big sister, so we when do activities like this (with small pieces) I tend to give her these:

It is a total distraction…. well for awhile…. then my oldest wants to play with them too! So then it’s a big distraction!! LOL

So once it was time for my youngest to nurse and take her nap I set up the pots and pans for my oldest, so she could seperate each color into a pan!

Again, PLEASE excuse my poor photo quality!!

After she seperated each color I gave her a spoon to spoon them back into their orignial container, and then it was nap time!