Ways to earn points:

  • They will send you emails, read the email and follow the link and get 5 points just for reading!
  • Decide to buy what the emails are selling get more points some are a flat 1,000 points others are 2-5 points per dollar you spend
  • Go to my points home page and start your online shopping there get 2-5 points per dollar and still use all of your other promo codes
  • Fill out surveys they send you. That will usually get you 50-100 points for less then 5 minutes of your time.
  • Do searches through MyPoints and get 75 points for searching 31 or more times in a month!
  • Referring friends will get you about 250 points.

What do you use your points on? Well, there are at least 100 different businesses you can trade your points in for gift cards. I like to use my points on gift cards of the store that I shop online at. Then when I am spending my gift card I can also start earning points again. They are wonderful around the holidays. With the gift cards I earn it cuts down on my out of pocket for gift giving!

It is free to sign up for MyPoints and your points never expire. You don’t ever have to buy anything from any of the emails. You could get points only from reading the emails and still be able to cash out for gift cards.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have about MyPoints. You are not going to get rich from joining MyPoints but you will get something!


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