SHOPATHOME.COM is a site that gives you cash back just for shopping at your favorite stores online!

Before I buy ANYTHING online I always check ShopAtHome to see if they offer cash back from that store, and USUALLY they do! They offer cash back on purchases on online to over 3,000 stores!

For instance:

  • 3% back at Target
  • 4% back at Kohl’s
  • 4.5% back at Bass Pro Shops
  • 10% back at JcPenny!!

….and so on!

This does not take hardly any extra time when you are purchasing your items online either! It’s quick and easy! Just sign in/sign up and then type in the search bar what store or website you are buying from and simply click the link and it will even route you to the website, and then within 3-4 business days your account will be credited for whatever % that store gives back on the store you bought from! ShopAtHome sends a check out MONTHLY as long as your account as has at least $20. If you don’t have $20 don’t worry it will stay there until you reach at least $20, and once the monthly mail out happens you will receive your check!

Also, after you sign up and make your first purchase you will receive a FREE $5 credit to your account to go towards your $20 minimum!!


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