Before we start I advise most people to start an email account seperate from your personal one you might already have. It will be an email that you can use strickly for couponing and free samples, so you don’t miss out on anything, and you don’t clog up your regular emails!

GMAIL, YAHOO,  & HOTMAIL are all FREE E-MAIL websites that you can sign up with to do this.



Coupons are EVERYWHERE.

  • Sunday Newspaper – which usually has at least two sets of ads with coupons, and sometimes more.

These include – Red Plum Ads (RP), SmartSource Ads (SS), General Mills Ads (GM), Procter & Gamble Ads (P&G), and even sometimes the Parade Magazine that is in the newpaper holds a few goodies.

  • Online – there are lots of websites that have coupons- some are printable, and some are online codes to purchase items online with.

I never purchase anything online unless I check with first; lots of times their site has free shipping or percent off codes that I did not know about previously.

  • Magazines – I sign up for all the magazine freebies I can because usually they have some of the best coupons.

Parents Magazine, ALL You, American Baby, and Woman’s Day are a few good magazines to check out not only for their coupons, but also for thrifty ideas, cheap & yummy recipes, any diy projects.

  • Always keep your eyes peeled for coupons – Walking around the store is a great place because there are “peelies” (coupons that are like stickers stuck on products), “blinkies” (the red boxes with coupons that are usually attached to shelves in the store), “hangtags” ( things are are hanging around or on a product)


  • E-Coupons/ Mobile Coupons – coupons you load on to a savings card(i.e-Kroger), or your cell phone (i.e Target)

Kroger has e- coupons on their website that you can load to your card at and you can load more e-coupons to your Kroger card using . To access these coupons you just simply hand over your card to the cashier when you are ready to check out, and you will see them all pop up on the computer and deduct accordingly.

Target has “mobile coupons” (your cell phone must be web-enabled to access these)- you can visit and sign up for the coupons that come up to 5 times a month. To access these coupons simply pull them up from your text message while you are checking out and allow the cashier to scan them straight from your phone.

  • Purchasing Coupons – have a great website to purchase coupons if you need multiple coupons to stock up on something, but don’t want to spend the roughly 2 dollars for a paper – it is only a few cents per coupon and they usually arrive in 2-3 days. (Becareful some stores have a limit to how many “like” or same coupons you can use in one trasaction.



Being “brand loyal” makes it harder to save money. For instance, in my stock pile I have about 4 different brands of men’s deodorant for my husband.

Manufacturer or Store Coupons. (These can be put together on one single item) Target is a great example of this. Sale + Manufacturer Coupon+ Store Coupon = GREAT SAVINGS.

Coupon doubling. Stores do this, but mostly only grocery stores, and some even triple- unforunately none of these are in my area. It basically means they will take a $.35 coupon and make it worth $.70. Usually stores only double coupons that are $.40 and less. Kroger is the only store in my area that doubles up to $.50 (making it into a $1.00 off coupon).

If you miss a sale and/or don’t have enough coupons to stock up – don’t worry because sales usually come back around every few weeks/months.

Find a way to organize your coupons so that they are easy to find, and do what works best for you.

TAKE BABY STEPS WHEN COUPONING! DO NOT GO OUT AND BUY A TON OF PAPERS, A HUGE ORGANIZER, CLIP COUPONS FOR 5 HOURS, AND JUMP IN. IT’S VERY EASY TO OVERWHELM YOURSELF. It is best to familiarize yourself with 1-2 stores and their coupon policies, and make a few “test runs” and make sure you are doing everything the way you need too. Believe me I still walk out and kick myself for forgeting something, or become frustrated because it didn’t turn out the way I thought it was going to.

Oh and of course – if you do hand over 20 coupons at one time – try to ignore the long sighs from cashiers and others standing behind you. Some people are amazed by how much I save, and ask me questions, and others are completely annoyed by me. Along with this – be curtious!! At Walgreens I try to go to the make-up counter to be rang out, so that I am not holding anyone else up and usually there is not any other customers there, so I don’t feel rushed and my transactions turn out just right!



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