OKAY, DO NOT GO THINKING I’M CRAZY FOR DOING THESE! When I first started I was up late and pregnant with my youngest thinking there was just NO WAY I could win! However, I won the first one I played, and then I wondered if they’d pay up! (AND THEY DID! ) I have never won a “Grand Prize”, but I have won several of the smaller prizes. I usually only do these on the nights I’m up all night with my 7 month old (which has been every night lately), because I figure if I’m wide awake watching tv or online why not try to win something?!

I only usually play in the ones that 50 plus winners daily the most, and the others just when I have time or cannot sleep at all!

To give you an idea of what you could win, and so you don’t think I’m crazy I’ll list a few things I have won : $50.00 Gift Card to Kroger, 2 FREE months to Netflix, 3 FREE kids Hasboro games, $10.00 to Cabelas, $90.00 to Office Depot, several $5.00 Starbucks cards, $10.00 to Dollar General, stuffed animal – made of all recycled & natural products ( I gave to my daughter), and few other things too.

50+ Daily Winners:

(Just play when you’re bored, or when you’re up all night with a fussy baby girl! lol)

  • NON-STOP SUMMER FUN: WRIGLEY JR. – 1,440 daily winners of mostly coupons for free Starburst, Skittles or Lifesavers Gummies (value $1.19), play 3x daily, use codes JKJ736WWR4P75D533ED2 every day , ends 9/5
  • NESTLE SHARE THE JOY OF READING PROGRAM – 174 daily winners of a $10 Book Cash certificate (see useyourcash.com for retailers where this can be redeemed). Free code can be requested here. Sponsor will donate $0.10 for each game code entered and $2 for each instant win to Reading is Fundamental, ends 12/29
  • SKINNY COW-PERFECT CUP =62 DAILY WINNERS of mostly free ice cream cup (CAN PLAY 3 TIMES DAILY) UNTIL 6/30/201


5+ Daily Winners

1+ DailyWinners:


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